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About New Horizon
New Horizon is a guild, formed by former One Gold Please members, valuing teamwork, fun and a mature approach to the game.

We are a fairly new guild on Lightbringer realm, so if you are looking for a fresh start then take a look at our forums and leave us your application. Be sure to take a look at our Guild Rules as well.

New Horizon at the moment is focusing on 10-man content, as well as assembling a team to delve into 25-mans.
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LK choked on his own arrogance

Kekaipo, Sep 20, 10 6:15 PM.

After few tries we finally got him and it was the most enjoyable night raiding i've ever had during
New Horizon we had a few bad luck encounters but hey that is what we are here for anyway! FUN!
Thank you all for participating the raid and the support and loyalty but not to forget patience!
We got the little puppy down!
A bit of of info
New Horizon is looking for mature, dedicated players, that have a passion for raiding.

We need players that are willing to help build a fun and steady raiding community.

When applying be sure to:

- have gear ready for at least Icecrown Citadel 10
- have the best possible enchants and gems
- have a proper talent build and glyphs for your desired spec
- posses skill that ensures your good performance in a raiding enviroment

Any experiance past the 6 puggable bosses in ICC will be a big bonus. If you are missing that as well as any of the above perks, but you manage to convince us you know what you are doing there shouldn't be a problem.

If you are that kind of player and you find New Horizon to be attractive for you, take a look at our forums and leave us an application. As well feel free to ask New Horizon officers -
Hoderi, Slayem, Idalka, Pontilla and Galerius - for any additional info.
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